So lately my wife has taken a more active role in donning the strapon. She has been pegging me every couple of weeks instead of once every several months.

Two nights ago as she laid on her back wearing the strapon, I was fingering her and licking her clit. I looked up and she was staring into my eyes. I did something I have never done. You will notice I never post or reblog pics of guys giving head to a strapon. It just hasn’t appealed to me. In fact if I watch a pegging video and that occurs I tend to fast forward past it.

Anyway as she was staring into my eyes I placed a couple of kisses on the head of the strapon. She continued staring me dead in the eyes with a desireful look. I wasn’t sure if it was because of my fingering or if she was wanting me to do it, so I opened my mouth and took her cock in. I’ve never wanted that, I tried it on my own once and it didn’t do anything for me, but she continued staring and started thrusting her hips forward. The rubber phallus in my mouth still wasn’t a turn on but her reaction was. I’m just not sure if her reaction was because she thought it was turning me on or if she was turned on by the power role.



One day…





The most hardcore pegging session so far! My girl knows how to fuck! ♥

P.S.: Mind the delicious bite and sucking marks on Valkyr’s tits and arms!


WOW!  What a lucky boi… and a wonderful Woman!

Nice video but why that fucking music?